“Our fate is shaped from within ourselves outward, never from without inward.” ― Jacques Lusseyran

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  • Depressed?
  • Anxious?
  • Struggling with relationships?
  • Not sure why you behave the way you do?
  • Do you know you have things to deal with but it’s not easy to make that step?

Counselling can help you feel happier, more connected, confident, relaxed and healthier.

By engaging in a therapeutic learning process, you can learn to move forward in spite of fears, release resentments, take responsibility for how you think, how you behave and what you create in your life. You can become more connected both to your own depths and to the people you love.

Therapy can help you to learn about yourself, how you tend to think and behave, what your motivations are, what you fear and how you hold yourself back from becoming the person you would truly like to be.

When we are able to recognize patterns in how we relate to others, how we make decisions and how we manage our emotions, we can begin to make conscious choices about how we would prefer to act in our lives. As we become more conscious of ourselves, we become freer, our lives become fuller and we start to make choices about who we would like to be instead of just reacting habitually from a standpoint of unconscious, automatic behaviour patterns that were conditioned early in life. We can be free from externally imposed expectations based on societal expectations, and live as our authentic selves.

Katherine Young, M.Ed., Registered Clinical Counsellor at: 604-787-4008

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